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Landmark Training Course With Vectorworks. For students and professionals.

Landmark Training Course With Vectorworks


Who is this course for? Landmark Training Course With Vectorworks.
Dive into terrain modeling, planting, irrigation, and site analysis guided by certified tutors. Master these tools for precise landscape designs and effective documentation.

Enrollment : 1-on-1 Landmark Training. Tailor your schedule. Mon to Sat between 9 am and 7 pm Call 02077202581 to book your slot.

Duration: 16 hours. "Split these hours over multiple days as needed for your ideal schedule."

Approach: In-person or live online.

Mastering Foundations

Begin your project by organizing your files and importing survey data. Learn to sketch existing buildings using Building Shell tools and model neighboring structures with Massing Model. Explore different methods for laying out survey points and marking existing features with precision.


  • Review File Organization Techniques
  • Import Survey Data (DWG Import)
  • Create Building Structures with Building Shell Tools
  • Utilize Triangulation and Arc Tool for Precision
  • Master Various Tape Measurement Techniques

Elevating Your Design

Enhance your survey with detailed ground, existing trees, and fences. Conduct shadow analysis to optimize planting locations. Dive into the Vectorworks Plant tool, your key design companion.


  • Develop Detailed Ground Surfaces
  • Incorporate Existing Trees and Fences
  • Design with Railing Fence Tool
  • Conduct Shadow Analysis using Heliodon Tool
  • Utilize Plant Tool Modes for Plant Placement
  • Access Existing Plant Libraries and Customize Plants in 2D/3D

Crafting Landscapes

Create vibrant plant mixes using Landscape Area tool and apply them across your site models. Design intricate hardscapes, aligning them effortlessly even in complex paving scenarios. Learn to use components for detailed reporting, cut and fill calculations, and precise detailing. Explore custom object creation and site furniture placement.


  • Design Landscape Areas and Define Custom Plant Mixes
  • Create Hardscapes and Define Custom Paving Constructions
  • Generate Reports and Tags for Landscape Areas and Hardscapes
  • Access and Manage Objects in Resource Manager
  • Craft Custom Objects and Site Furniture

Polished Presentation

Present your designs professionally using Sheet layers and viewports. Create Section viewports to cut through your model and Detail viewports to focus on specific areas. Enhance visual appeal with mood boards and annotations, ensuring a refined, detailed presentation.


  • Craft Sheet Layers for Presentation
  • Create Plan, Elevation, and Perspective Viewports
  • Generate Section and Detail Viewports
  • Annotate Viewports for Clear Communication
  • Incorporate Images and Plant Reports for Comprehensive Presentations
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