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SketchUp Pro Training Course For Kitchen Designers. Learn 3d kitchen and how to create 3d models.

SketchUp Pro Training Course For Kitchen Designers


Who is this course for? SketchUp Pro Training Course For Kitchen Designers.
This course is designed for kitchen designers aiming to elevate their skills in SketchUp Pro. Learn creating stunning kitchen worktops, cabinets, and designs tailored to perfection. Perfect your skills and bring 3d kitchen to life.

Duration: 6 hours. 

Method: 1-on-1, available in-person or Live Online sessions.
Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 7 pm Alternatively, contact us at 02077202581 to book over the phone.

Skills Acquired:

  • Advanced Kitchen Modeling: Master the art of creating detailed kitchen worktops, cabinets, and layouts using SketchUp Pro.
  • Texture Mapping and Material Application: Learn to apply realistic textures and materials to enhance kitchen designs.
  • Lighting and Rendering Techniques: Explore lighting setups and rendering tools for lifelike visualizations.
  • Collaborative Design: Enhance skills in collaborative design, enabling seamless communication with clients and colleagues.

Job Opportunities:

  • Kitchen Designer: Design custom kitchen spaces, work closely with clients, and bring their visions to life.
  • Interior Designer: Specialize in kitchen interior design, working with a focus on functionality and aesthetics.
  • Furniture Designer: Create bespoke kitchen furniture pieces and optimize space for practical use.
  • Freelance Kitchen Design Consultant: Offer specialized kitchen design services on a freelance basis, catering to various clients and projects.
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