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Bespoke AutoCAD Mac Basic-Intermediate Course. Help in university projects and portfolios.

Bespoke AutoCAD Mac Basic-Intermediate Course


Why Learn Bespoke AutoCAD Mac Basic-Intermediate Course?

Learn AutoCAD using your projects and learn how to use powerful tools and techniques for drawing, dimensioning, and printing 2D drawings with our Intermediate AutoCAD course.


How long is the training?

10 hours, Choose and split 10 hrs Mon to Sat 9 am to 7 pm.
Book online or call 02077202581 or 07970325184.


1-on-1, available in both in-person and Live Online.

The AutoCAD Mac Bespoke 1 on 1 Basics to Intermediate Level Training Course provides participants with a comprehensive skill set, enabling them to attain proficiency in using AutoCAD Mac. This course covers a wide range of functionalities and caters to individuals at all skill levels, whether they are beginners or experienced users.

Participants will begin by learning fundamental features such as drawing, editing, annotations, and dimensioning. As they progress, they will delve into more advanced topics like object manipulation, customizing workspaces, and streamlining workflows.

Key Benefits of the Course:

  • Mastery of Mac-AutoCAD: Acquire expertise in both essential and advanced techniques for creating precise 2D drawings.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Increase efficiency by implementing time-saving tips and optimizing your work processes.

  • Versatile Design Abilities: Develop the skills to undertake diverse projects in fields such as architecture, engineering, and more.

  • Industry-Relevant Competencies: Elevate your career prospects across various industries by gaining in-demand AutoCAD skills.

  • Access to Recorded Lessons: Review and reinforce your learning at your convenience with access to recorded lesson sessions.

  • Ongoing Email Support: Receive continuous assistance and guidance via email even after completing the course.

Enroll today to benefit from interactive learning experiences guided by experienced instructors. Choose between flexible in-person or online sessions, gain access to lesson recordings, and enjoy a lifetime of email support. 

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