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AutoCAD 2D Basics to Advanced Course. This image explains about what you will learn after this course.

AutoCAD 2D Basics to Advanced Course


Who is this course for? AutoCAD 2D Basics to Advanced Course.


This course enables you to learn the skills in the CAD. Upon completion, you'll proficiently edit and create 2D drawings, utilizing advanced features like Paperspace and Block Attributes for increased efficiency.

1-on-1 sessions. Our booking are available Mon to Sat, 9 am to 7 pm

Duration: 16 hours, which you can flexibly distribute across as many days you want.

Approach: In-person or live online training.

In this course, you will gain proficiency in utilizing essential features of AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) to enhance the efficiency of producing and editing 2D CAD drawings. You will acquire expertise in layering, text and dimension styles, the creation and modification of attributed blocks, and effective use of Paperspace. Additionally, you will master dynamic inputs, grips, and the art of renaming and purging.

This flexible course grants you 16 hours to complete, typically spanning 4 to 5 days. It serves as a valuable continuation of skills acquired from the CAD: AutoCAD 2D Essentials course or as an opportunity to expand your existing AutoCAD knowledge.

Upon course completion, you will possess the ability to efficiently create and modify 2D drawings, leveraging advanced features like Paperspace and Block Attributes. Your instruction will be provided by an Autodesk-certified instructor with industry experience."

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