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AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate Course. Bring your projects and learn CAD using your Projects.

AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate Course


Why Learn AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate Course?
Whether you're starting a career, enhancing skills, or exploring creativity, this course is tailored for you. Learn on Windows or Mac, transform into a confident AutoCAD user.Transition to our Intermediate to Advanced Course post-completion.
Duration: 10 hrs. Personalized 1-on-1 training.
Perfect for beginners, this course offers flexible scheduling (Mon-Sat, 9 am-7 pm) and covers 2D plan and elevation creation in AutoCAD.

This one-on-one CAD course is perfect for students who are either entirely new to the software or possess limited self-taught knowledge. Regardless of your starting point, our goal is to get you drawing plans within the very first hour of your class. We'll begin by building a strong foundation in AutoCAD, ensuring that you understand its core principles before delving into more advanced topics. If you have specific preferences, we can customize your AutoCAD learning experience to align with your goals.

On the initial day of the course, we'll cover fundamental aspects such as user interface and terminology. Subsequently, you'll engage in a diverse range of lessons designed to deepen your understanding of AutoCAD and its creative processes.

Topics covered will include introductory drawing techniques, editing functions, drawing aids, working with layers, managing text, and handling dimensions.

Throughout the course, you'll practice through various drawing exercises and explore the intricacies of plotting.

By the course's conclusion, you'll possess the skills needed to create your own simple drawings, suitable for applications in architectural, interior, engineering, events, furniture, or product design.

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