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Beginner to Intermediate 3ds Max training course.

Beginner to Intermediate 3ds Max Training Program


Who is this course for? Beginner to Intermediate 3ds Max Training Program.
Learn 3D modeling with our in-depth 3ds Max training program. Beginners to intermediate learners, this course is led by certified instructors and industry professionals. Learn 3D modeling, animation, and visualization. In-person or live online sessions.

Duration: 20 hours

Method: 1-on-1 Personalized Attention.

Schedule: Design your own schedule, hours of your choice, offered Mon to Sat from 9 am to 7 pm.

Skills Acquired:

  • Mastering Fundamental 3D Modeling Techniques in 3ds Max
  • Developing Texturing and Material Application Skills
  • Understanding Lighting and Rendering Fundamentals
  • Grasping Animation Basics and Keyframe Animation
  • Gaining Proficiency in Scene Composition and Camera Setup

Career Opportunities:

  • Entry-Level 3D Modeler
  • Junior 3D Animator
  • Texturing and Lighting Assistant
  • CAD Designer in Architectural Firms
  • Product Visualization Artist in Marketing Agencies

Upon completing our 3ds Max Beginner Course, students will acquire foundational 3D modeling and animation skills, opening doors to entry-level positions in various industries, including animation studios, architectural firms, and marketing agencies.

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