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Advanced 3ds Max and After Effects Masterclass Live Online or in person classes in London.

Advanced 3ds Max and After Effects Masterclass (Live Online)


Who is this course for? Advanced 3ds Max and After Effects Masterclass.
This course is designed for 3D artists, animators, and visual effects artists seeking comprehensive training in 3ds Max and After Effects. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate learner, this course provides skills and techniques for creating stunning 3D models and captivating visual effects.


Duration: 10 hours

Training Approach: 1-on-1 Sessions and Tailored Content.
When: Book anyday Mon to Sat between 9 am and 7 pm.

Skills Acquired:

  • Advanced 3D Modeling: Master the intricacies of 3D object creation and manipulation in 3ds Max.
  • Visual Effects Creation: Learn the art of crafting compelling visual effects using After Effects.
  • Texturing and Lighting: Understand texturing techniques and lighting principles for realistic 3D scenes.
  • Animation Techniques: Develop skills in animating 3D models and adding dynamic motion to visual effects.

Job Opportunities:

  • 3D Modeler: Create detailed and realistic 3D models for various industries.
  • Visual Effects Artist: Work in film, TV, or advertising, creating stunning visual effects sequences.
  • Motion Graphics Designer: Design animated graphics and visual elements for videos and multimedia projects.
  • Game Designer: Contribute to game development by creating 3D assets and visual effects.
  • Video Editor: Enhance videos with professional visual effects and animations.
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