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Essential to Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Training. Logo and graphic design services in London.

Essential to Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Training


Whio is this Course for? Essential to Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Training

Ideal for beginners, this course covers vector graphics, logos, icons, and illustrations. Learn typography, color theory, and compositions. Our certified tutors offer personalized guidance, and flexible scheduling options are available to accommodate your needs.


Duration: 6 hours

Approach: 1-on-1 sessions and custom-tailored content.

Schedule: Available Mon to Sat from 9 am to 7 pm, designed to fit your convenience.

Skills Acquired:

Participants in the Essential to Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Training will acquire fundamental to intermediate skills in vector graphic design, drawing, and illustration using Adobe Illustrator. Key skills include:

  • Basic to Intermediate Vector Graphic Design
  • Drawing and Illustration Techniques
  • Precision Path Editing and Typography Skills

Job Opportunities:

Upon completion, individuals can pursue roles such as:

  • Junior Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator Assistant
  • Layout Designer
  • Marketing Material Creator

This training lays the foundation for a career in graphic design, enabling participants to contribute effectively to design teams, advertising agencies, and creative projects.

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